Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church, located at 912 S. McKinley Street, Hobbs, New Mexico is a part of the Mount Olive Baptist State Convention of New Mexico and the New Jerusalem District Congress of Christian Education.  Pleasant Green is affiliated with the National Baptist, Inc. and the Southeastern Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church was organized April 25, 1937, with humble beginnings in the home of Sister Purnetta Burkley.  The other charter members were Sister Gertie Brantley, Sister Macie Woods, Sister Nettie Stills, Sister Mae Marshall, Sister Johnnie Eldridge, Sister Betty (Last name cannot be recalled), Brother Dempsey (first name cannot be recalled), Brother Pero Johnson, Reverend S.M. Clemmons, with Reverend T.C. Carter in charge of the pulpit.

The church was originally named Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, but was soon re-named Pleasant Green Baptist Church.  After much hard work, land was purchased at 1122 East Midwest Street, and a building was obtained.  The first church service was held the first Sunday in November 1940.  The first Sunday in November was designated as the church's official anniversary date.

Brother Versie Brantley and Brother Frank Brooks served as trustees.  Pleasant Green's membership soon outgrew its location. On Monday, December 27, 1971, the members agreed to purchase the former Highland Baptist Church building.  In April 1972, the church relocated to its present location (912 S. McKinley Street).  Reverend Watkins, along with the trustees and deacons were instrumental in obtaining financing for the building.



Brother Manual Colbert

Brother Joe Cook

Brother Pete French.



Brother J.W. Lowe

Brother Joe Hill

Brother William Gardner

Brother Leroy Davis

Brother Booker T. Woods

Brother Eddie Curry.


The building was dedicated the fourth Sunday in June 1972.  The cornerstone was not placed until November 4, 2000, under the leadership of the late Reverend Russell B. Hill. This momentous event occurred during the church's 50th anniversary and homecoming celebration for former members.

The Pastor and 1ST Ladies 1937-1959


Pleasant Green has had several pastors during her cumulative seventy-seven year history, but unfortunately, through time, photos and other identifying information has been lost about these spiritual giants and their God given helpmates.  Although no current photographs exist of most of these leaders and their wives, we pay homage to the legacy they left behind!


Reverend J.W. Hudson

Reverend W.H. Hicks

Reverend Brown (first name cannot be recalled)

Reverend J.J. Gooden




Pastor Harrison Reuben Watkins & Sis. Johnnie M. Watkins


January 1999 – February 6, 2011


Pastor Russell Bernard Hill & Sister Somporn Hill


January 2013  – November 2013


Pastor Joe W. Cook & Sister Betty Cook


November 2013 –  Present



Pastor James K. Russell, Sr. & Sister Elizabeth Russell