The year 2024 is in full swing.  We have lost some physically, and some spiritually.  We are living in times where people have itching ears for doctrine that confirms their lifestyle is how it should be instead of how the Lord planned it to be.  Our adversary wants us to forget Christ said if any man is to follow him, it begins with denying themselves.  Many people look at how the church benefits their desires, dreams, and goals, and what CHRIST wants takes a back seat. It is time for us to stop living as if God should move in our life in our terms, but seek the terms and plans that he has for us.  If we want to be better than we are, we have to do what we have never his will and way.  Matthew 6:33 tells us the secret to have the life God wants for us, and John 10:10 warns us about what can stop us from having what CHRIST wants for us.  It is time to LEVEL up in 2024 and quit living a life of mediocrity and move to the level of living an abundant life for Christ. The period from March 2020 to the present has been a true test of faith.  This period of time has caused us to examine what we believe and who we believe in. If we are not the church for you, we pray you will follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and seek a place where the bible is being taught, lived and applied. We are elated you stopped by our church website.  We are a diverse multi-cultural church, hard at work, to fulfill the Great Commission; making our visitor's feel like family and most importantly "Letting Our Light Shine So No One is Left Behind!  

Our Goal:  BE A LIGHTHOUSE FOR JESUS, guiding wayward souls safely into the arms of the master; and allowing those already there to help others get to know Jesus for themselves.

As Christians, many times we are the only "Bible" many people will ever read and Christian they will claim to have seen.  We strive to live a life that compels others to want to learn about the goodness of God for themselves.

We are not a perfect church, but we are a perfecting church pressing toward the mark, with all we have, to reach the higher calling of JESUS CHRIST!

 If you don't have a church home, prayerfully consider us.  Let 2024 include a church membership that include YOU!  Let's make now a time of focus on God!  Whatever your challenge or problem, Jesus is the answer!  Unite and work with a body of Christ for the higher calling of Jesus Christ!  If you are in the area, feel free to stop by and worship with us!

Rev. Dr. James and Sister Elizabeth Russell