We are so pleased you are considering joining the Pleasant Green Family.   We ask that if you are leaving another church, ensure your former church's leadership knows you are departing.  This alleviates confusion about who should perform any pastoral services you may need.  Generally, a letter of Christian experience or service is provided.  Other than that, please examine the information below.

There are three ways in which a person can unite with this church.  After the pastor has concluded his sermon, he will extend an invitation (also known as opening the doors of the church).  If the Holy Spirit divinely moves you, go down to where the pastor is standing.  Please note: Membership can be obtained at any time by notifying the pastor, a deacon, or a member of the church about your desire.  Please see below for ways to join;

First:  If you have just received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you are a candidate for Baptism, which the baptism brings automatic membership into the church.

Secondly:  If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you may join under Christian Experience.

Thirdly:  You may present a letter of recommendation from your former church family.

Watch Care

Watch Care is provided for those who are united with a like-minded church from another area, and wish to serve while TEMPORARILY living in the Hobbs area.  We take care of you like a visiting family member. Although the person is not afforded FULL church membership, (voting, holding office, etc.), they can continue their KINGDOM BUILDING WORK! If this is needed, please let us know!

Renewing Membership: 

 If you have not participated in any of the Pleasant Green Ministries or supported the church financially in over 60 days (without a verifiable reason, i.e., sick, job related absence, etc.,) you will need to "renew" your membership by coming down during the invitation and stating so.  This will "renew" your membership because after 60 days you are dropped from the membership status.

If you have any questions about how to join Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church, please feel free to contact Pastor Russell at the following numbers; Church: (575) 393-8065, Home:  (575) 935-5570, or Cell:  (575) 749-8736.